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Meditation as a Method for Coping

Updated: Nov 6

Meditation can be a great coping mechanism for handing stressful situations, such as divorce or transitions associated with this life experience (moving, change of jobs, single parenting, and financial changes). There are several different forms of meditations, and you may have to try a few to find those that work best for you.

Research has shown that various forms of meditation can facilitate one’s physical, mental, and social health. For example, engaging in regular meditation practices has been found to

  • lower cortisol (stress hormone),

  • increase dopamine (a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward/pleasure center),

  • facilitate healthy brain activity and connectivity among brain cells,

  • enhance one’s understanding of his or herself

  • reduce high blood pressure and anxiety,

  • improve work and sports performance, and

  • help with self-esteem and social openness.

A few types of meditation include:

There are several other types of meditations, including yoga and those listed above. There are also meditations specific to certain cultural or religious backgrounds. As a beginner, I subscribed to the Live and Dare blog (it’s free) and received access to many articles and PDFs on meditation, including myths and misconceptions about meditation, benefits of meditation, and various types of meditation. The key is finding what works best for YOU and making the time to fit it into your schedule.

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